Roller shutter doors are east to install and ensure safety. they offer high level of security and can be customized to exact requirements.

They offer in three common models

  • With aluminum body
  • With foamed steel body (fire resistant)
  • With polycarbonate body

The choice of roller shutter motor depends on the amount of traffic and opening &closing of the door, dimensions and weight of the the case where traffic is low and dimensions are large, powerful gearbox and three phase motors made of Germany) should be used for large industrial shutters. in the case where traffic is low and the dimensions are small, ordinary gearboxes can beused    Simple design, no extraordinary maintenance, reasonable price, easy to wash, easy opening ang closing using remote, wind resistant and color variations are the features of roll up shutter doors.

  • Manufacturing country: Iran
  • Product warranty: 2 years
  • Price: 2.300.000$
  • Product quality: Perfect